Smart Locks


Securilec offers keyless Smart Locks to keep your home secured without using or carrying any key. Installing Smart locks in Norwich, Securilec provides a range of Smart Locks to suit different types of door, all with simple-to-use apps for key free locking and unlocking. Smart locks can be connected to our Smart Home Automation systems and allow you to lock and unlock the door remotely as well as at the door using your Smartphone, a fob or key card.

Enjoy the convenience of smart locks in Cambridgeshire as your children can unlock the door when they return home from school, even when they can’t collect the keys from you, many teenage children have smartphones and as they unlock the door you can receive a message to say the front door has been unlocked or locked on your smartphone. You can also add and delete users from accessing your door with ease, just by using your Smartphone.


Being an accredited security system installer, our highest priority at Securilec is to make sure every homeowner feels safe and secure. We only recommend products that meet the requirements of insurers and are from reputable manufacturers. The Conexis® L1 Smart Lock above is suitable for most uPVC or Composite construction doors with a multi-point locking system and became the first lock to be British Kitemark approved. It has also been extensively tested against electronic manipulation and assessments designed to test the electronic security of the lock to ensure it is secure against advanced hacking methods.

All Smart Locks that we install are wireless and are chosen to make installation as simple as possible without the need to damage your door. The locks we install use standard AA batteries or lithium batteries which are readily available either from Securilec, online or your local store. The Smart Locks will send you a message when the batteries are getting low to prevent you getting locked out.


Our range of smart locks are suitable for PVCU or Composite doors with a multi-point lock which runs the entire doors length on the door handle side, timber doors that have a night latch lock or 5 Point lever locks which use a Euro style cylinder lock that is separate to the door handle. If you are unsure if a Smart Lock will fit your door, contact us and we will provide you with contact details to send us a photo of the lock on your door and we will assess your options.

Contact our team now 01603 670690 to arrange an appointment with our representatives for information about our smart home products and demonstration service.

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