With advancement in technology, smart products are becoming more sophisticated and are easily available in the market. You can now experience a true smart home by making all these devices work together, seamlessly. With home automation in Norwich becoming more common, you can now dim the lights, adjust the temperature of your heating appliances, lock the doors, close the curtains and browse through your favourite music tracks by just pressing a button.

If you’ve imagined “how cool would it be to do …” with a Control4 smart home and our integration partners, Securilec can probably develop a way to make it work! We don’t just throw one solution at a single home, we look at the home as a whole and integrate the right mix of technology and know-how to suit your home, create an experience for the whole family to enjoy while maximising energy efficiency.

Contact our team at SecurilecAV for a bespoke smart home control system. The only limit is your imagination!



A fully integrated smart home provides a range of benefits in addition to just single button control of your connected devices.

Save Energy

Keeps your utility bills low as the intelligent controls automatically adjust the heating and lighting of unoccupied rooms.

Increased Security

The curtains and lights adjust automatically when you are away which make your rooms appear occupied.

Media Distribution

Install home entertainment systems in Cambridgeshire to watch your favourite media, channels or browse through your audio playlist within any room with source devices hidden away in another room. Keep your rooms clutter free of set-top boxes!

Access From Anywhere

Use your tablet or smartphone and control the appliances in your home from wherever you are.


  • Our work meets the highest standards set by the governing body CEDIA.
  • We provide a comprehensive design, supply, planning and installation service.
  • Our home automation and entertainment systems in Norwich and Cambridgeshire are designed to suit all sizes of budgets.
  • We will assist you from the concept to completion, including the designing, installation and commissioning.
  • We offer customised home automation including smart locks and automated blinds to provide you with a bespoke installation and end user experience.

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