As it comes to setting up a home entertainment or a home theatre system, most people end up spending huge amount of money on equipment as well as seating arrangements. However, it is so unfortunate that they are least bothered about the wiring needs. The key to setting up great home entertainment systems is to invest in the proper way and thus you can’t ignore the importance of investing in good wiring.

Importance of Wires

Hooking up each piece of equipment with proper wires and cables is one of the most important, it is equally important as buying the actual device. But people don’t understand that the wiring quality can badly leave impact on the overall movie experience, especially listening experience. Moreover, poor quality, cheap wiring is always a safety concern, particularly for home with small kids. Nevertheless, this wiring requirement is product-specific, still you must follow the basic things to ensure creation of a state-of-the-art home entertainment experience.

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Tips To Proper Wiring Installation

  • Obey Safety Rules

There is no rocket science about this point. While setting up a home entertainment system in your home, safety guidelines should be strictly followed regarding wiring installation to avoid potential hazards and danger. The cables and wires that you are going to use must be manufactured following respective national safety guidelines. Don’t pass wiring under recliners unless proper insulation procedure has been maintained, otherwise it may cause severe problem in case of a short circuit.

  • Plan Wiring Beforehand

You are very likely not to want an alteration regarding setting up recliner chairs, projector screen as well as audio speakers after they are already set up. To avoid any such situation, plan the wiring beforehand. While planning proper wiring, you should talk about networking, lighting essentials and any potential augmentations prior to the work is completely done.

Before you measure length of cables and wires, choose the best wiring route. Be it an HDMI cable or speaker cable, you must take 20 percent extra lengths to cover installation error, sufficient slack and so on.

  • Select The Best Wire Hardware

Selection of proper wiring hardware for the home entertainment systems is simply essential, it directly affects the quality of sound. It will be good to use a 16 gauge wire for almost every type of home entertainment application. But if you need over 50 feet of cable, or if you want to install ceiling speakers or in-wall speakers, it would be good to use thicker wire of preferable thickness of 12 or 14 gauge as long cable runs usually cause power losses. Selection of speaker cable depends on the quality of equipment like the receiver, amplifier and the speakers. However the thickness of cable must match the quality of audio equipment.

  • Label The Wires

Be it concealed or not, cables and wires should be labeled properly in several places. Also label both ends of the wire with distinct colours. Attach those labels at proper intervals to ensure having enough room for trimming or cutting the ends if needed. Consistency should be maintained, you can use readymade labels for this purpose.

These are a few important things that you must take care of regarding wiring the home entertainment system for enhanced experience.