Smart homes happen to be the most happening trend to define the contemporary lifestyle. More and more homeowners are switching to home automation initiatives. One of the essential inclusions in this technology backed lifestyle is implementing intelligent lighting at your home. Automating the lighting at home should be the foremost consideration as you decide on making your home smarter.

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Convenience is the key factor as one invests in smart lighting.  The bright lights come in two principal forms- smart bulbs and smart light strips. They can be easily controlled in hands-free mode or by using a specific app settings in your smartphone. They can be controlled at ease even when you are not physically present at home.  There lies the magic and mastery technology brings to us. Now, you must be wondering about which version of the light will be smarter from an application point of view. Whether it is the intelligent bulb or the smart light strip? We will first have an idea about the overall benefits offered by the smart light concept. After that, we will draw a brief comparison between the two forms of intelligent lights to understand which option is better.

5 Key Advantages Offered by Smart Lights

  • Unparalleled Convenience
  • Diminishing Energy Consumption
  • Enhanced Lifespan of Bulbs
  • Enhanced Security
  • Customisation Facility to Create Mood Lighting

Smart Bulbs or Smart LED Strips- Which is better?

Flexibility and Mobility:

It can be well said that a smart bulb is more static while the smart LED strips bear the ease of mobility.  Smart bulbs are about screwing it and leaving it at the same place whereas the light strips are more flexible options and can be moved easily as per the mood and situation. They also comprise more varieties in terms of configuration and designs.


The smart bulbs are better options for overhead or task lightings. They can be used at all locations across the house. The smart light strips, on the other hand, are generally used to build moods and add accent.


Now, let’s refer to the most critical aspect. The smart bulbs are the more economical options while the light strips are at the pricier side. The strips can be availed at lower prices, but the installation charges are high.  The smart bulbs, in that case, are screw and use versions and won’t pinch your pocket much.

Thus, the above comparison reveals that both smart bulbs and light strips have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. So, it rests on you as a homeowner to decide on the choice that will suit your preference perfectly. General advice would be that if you are automating the home, you own then smart light strips would be a beautiful and long-lasting option. In case it is a rented place then go for smart bulbs as you will eventually leave the house someday or the other.  If you are looking for an efficient support in your home automation initiative, then Securilecav is the name you can count on.