Imagine this. You walk into your house and the lights switch-on, music starts playing and temperature adjusts to your comfort level. Does this sound something straight off a science-fiction movie? Well, this kind of convenience can easily become a reality. Wondering how? Well, installing a home automation system is all you need to do.

Usually, smart automation is a technology which gives you remote control of devices and appliances around your house. An automated house controls temperature, security, lighting, audio/video and much more. When installed, it offers safety, convenience, comfort and energy savings to the homeowner. Turning your residence into a smart house can thus be very beneficial to both families and individuals.

Here are a few ways home automation creates a lifestyle of convenience and comfort.

3 Ways A Smart Home Automation System Can Help You Take Control Of Your House


Nowadays, security alarms are much more of a complex beast than before. Many have built-in automation technology features besides the traditional network of contact sensors, PIRs and sounders. With a control system in place, the alarm can be listened for and go on to activate several events.

All lights will turn on, the doors/windows will lock/close and the cameras will go into record mode. The cameras will go into record mode and display on the TV screens which have all turned on. Automating your home can thus be a great way to ensure you and your family remain safe.


Another great advantage of having a home automation system is convenience. You will have total control of your house within your fingertips. Programming your house to perform routine functions automatically will save the homeowner great time and effort. You can even control many components in your house from an easy-to-use colour touch panel or customised project. It is this convenience owing to which most homeowners are automating their house.


Automating your house isn’t dull at all. Smart home technology will embrace your multi-room audio and multi-video system. You can turn on the TV or turn up music with the same keypad on the wall which can flick on the lights. When you return after a hectic day, the automation technology will put the TV onto your favourite channel. Just by pushing a button, cool music will play, and ambient light will come to the drinks table.

Time to embrace the home automation technology!